Great Expectations The Play



Paul's Blog - 9th September 2012

Monday 3rd  September

Slightly different day today… Marcello has left us for a few days and Graham took the warm up session. This was an hour long session of what we could start to think about as a company warm up while we are "on the road" it consists of stretching, easing tension spots, working on the voice and articulation, very helpful as I have large narration sections which you need to have your "instrument" well tuned!! 

That set us up then it was down to working through the text of the play and looking at the story-telling of the piece. Using the movement inputs from the previous weeks, we got stuck into Act One again.

Tuesday 4th September

Started again with a warm up session and "honing" it down into a useful 20 - 30 min session which may be all the time some of us will have before the how due to costume, make-up and wigs etc.

Then cracking on as we did yesterday with Act Two. Looking more closely at exits and entrances,  positions and creating interesting and visual pictures. We have Phizz cartoons on the wall of the rehearsal studio to remind us of the physical arrangements in his drawings which Dickens loved!

Wednesday 5th September

Warm up becoming more familiar and begining to highlight for me the bits that need extra work ;-))

We added the soundscape today to the script which for all of us was the first time we heard the fabulous atmospheric music composed by Simon Slater. Not just sounds as such but musical themes for characters and locations. I must say as an actor it was really good to hear and adds to the weird and gothic world we are creating. 

Thursday 6th September

Warm up and then finishing off the work on sound from yesterday. It does take time to piece all of this togther, however by doing so now it will save time next week in the theatre during the technical rehearsals as we will have covered timings of speeches with underscoring etc.

We then had our first run through in the afternoon, puting it all together. It was great for me to run it from start to finish and plot the emotional journey and I have to say I was hit quite hard with the playing of some of the strength of the scenes which really touched me as Adult Pip, whose heart is filled with regret and remorse… total admiration for my colleauges who are really growing into their parts… I am loving it!!

Friday 7th September

Feeling knackered today… started with warm up and then looking at bits and pieces from yesterday's run tidying and changing some things that didn't work so well. 

Again another run in the afternoon this time we had an "audience" consisting of the producer, costume and wardrobe department and production people connected to the show, so that everyone could see and get a feel for the show. Again another very useful run and another leap forward. It feels that it is growing in strength and confidence. I had lots of visual memories of the 2005 production today which was totally weird… creeping into my brain… a rather odd experience and again emotional… I will be a wreck by the time this show opens!!! LOL ;-))

Saturday 8th September

Our last day in our rehearsal room. Shorter 4 hour session however crammed and packed with warm up, a detailed note session going through the run from yesterday and again changing and heightening areas that need it. We then went into our last run in Dragon Hall adding pieces of costume that were available.   I wore my fab shoes which are really smart and very comfortable… always a joy!! 

So next stop Richmond… exciting!!!