Great Expectations The Play



Grace's Blog - 11th September 2012

We had Graham warming us up as we don't have Marcello for a couple of days. Then we started to go slowly through the show and stage the scenes. We managed to get through all of Act One. We also had Simon the composer come in and watch the end of the play (as he couldn't stay for it all on Saturday), and this gave him timings for the end pieces of his music.

I had my young Estella costume fitted in the afternoon that was so lovely and great for me to see it and get a sense of how I will feel in the younger scenes.

Again we warmed up with Graham then continued staging Act Two. We managed a run of Act Two piecing the newer staging together.

After rehearsal I went to Toni & Guy for a consultation on dying my hair darker for the show...I will have two hair pieces that sit in my hair giving me height and volume with my hair up for Estella, so I have a strand of hair from the wig to match my own hair colour to.

Some of the cast went out to see Jersey Boys!!

After warm up we went through sound cues with Simon, with a chance for Graham to piece together the scenes with the underscoring.

My main Estella couture dress arrived back from Italy, so I tried it on and again felt amazing in it! There will be a few tiny changes but I can't wait to run scenes in it and to feel it's effect on me as the character in it. My ball dress arrives tomorrow and I will have a final fitting for that then! So excited!!!

After lunch Marcello came to watch and we ran the first act with as many of the cues as possible. We then worked sections with individual notes and areas to play in.
We had an equity meeting after rehearsals and the very lovely Josh volunteered to be our Equity Deputy for the tour!!

After warm up, again we went through sound cues for the show with Simon. By the afternoon we ran Act Two with all sound cues. 

I tried on my Estella ball gown dress and had final alterations done on this. It is easier to walk in than I expected, given how huge it is! The detail really is beautiful and Gordie (who plays Bentley Drummle) and I are going to have lots of fun waltzing together in the ball scene!

Some of the cast went out to see Rock of Ages!!!

The day started with a staggered run through of the show with Graham stopping and working things that needed it.

In the afternoon we ran the show with a few creatives watching. So a chance for wardrobe etc. to make notes on costume changes and things like that.

After rehearsal I went to get my hair dyed dark brown at Toni & Guy in Covent Garden. It is a perfect match to the strand of the wig section we were given and hopefully once with my white and shaded make up on will create the desired effect Graham wants for Estella in the show.

Can't believe how quickly the last 3 weeks have gone and it is our last morning in the rehearsal room!

We had a few notes from Graham before running the show. I feel the need now to introduce costume and get onto the set, so very much looking forward to getting a feel for this during the tech! (Graham was very happy with my hair colour - so glad that is all ok!)

A few of the cast went for a beer in the sun after rehearsals, which was needed after a long week.

Can’t believe we open in 4 days!! Here's to a smooth tech and opening week in Richmond!!!!