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Paula's Blog - 11th September 2012

Oh, dear, Dear Diary's late!

Last week we spent a lot of time on what we're calling the soundscape. There is music and there are various sound effects that run alongside the dialogue, and they add to the atmosphere and help us to create different environments without having to drag heavy furniture around the stage to denote a change of scene. This means the action can move swiftly and fluidly.

We do our first show for a paying audience at Richmond Theatre tomorrow and the hope was that by preparing these technicalities in the rehearsal room, we would save precious time in the theatre itself, when time is very short.

Some big shows have weeks of technical rehearsal. We have just three days. There is a vast set to erect, a complicated lighting rig to set up and run, and this detailed sound plot. Add to that, lots of costume changes and the usual adjustments that take place when you move from a mark-up in a rehearsal room to the stage, so it will be an action-packed and anxious time!

Of course quite a few unforeseen calamities have occurred, and happily dealt with, but it all takes precious time. This time tomorrow we will be preparing to go onstage and present our work to the paying customers. I wonder what they will make of it!