Great Expectations The Play



Grace's Blog - 26th August 2012

It was so exciting on the first day at our 'meet and greet' to see just how many people are involved in putting on this show!!

After this, Graham broke the call and just as a cast we read through the script for the first time, putting clear titles on scenes to ensure we all have a clear understanding of them. We also split up the script into 'Movements' with particular scenes getting clubbed together in sections to show the clear journey for Pip through the play.

During the first week we also set up a format working with Marcello, doing team building games and exploring our characters through our bodies in the mornings, and then using the afternoons to talk about individual scenes and character motives with Graham.

It was a great way to get to know everyone in the morning sessions, and bond as much as we did within the first week. One of Marcello's sessions that really stood out for me was using an animal to bring your character to life. I found a swan really helpful to find qualities in Estella. She looks graceful and grand but could break your heart with the strength in one swoop of her wings!

By the Saturday rehearsal we roughly staggered through Act One with clear actions, understanding relationships within the first act which was a great achievement and exciting to go into week two!