Great Expectations The Play



Grace's Blog - 1st September 2012

Monday: I got to try on my beautiful couture dresses. They are huge and amazing and I can't wait to see them again when they are finished with the little changes that were decided. I think trying to show Estella's status and how unattainable she feels to Pip will be clearly shown in the detail and care put into the gowns which is so helpful to me as an actress. I am so excited to introduce costume into the runs and I spent the rest of my bank holiday with a massive smile on my face!!!

Tuesday: We had our planned read through with the cast for the creatives. It was great to feel a sense of the work we had done on act one, however personally in comparison, I felt a little lost on act two.

Amazing to see the model box presentation and hear the music, try on our masks etc.

In the afternoon we went into our normal format with movement again with Marcello and then Graham's text and actioning work for movement 4 to open act two. We really explored the mask work for the Londoners and as I am not involved with that, I got to observe how effective masks look!

Wednesday: In our morning session we explored staging for the Richmond Ball. So we as a cast learnt the Viennese Waltz which was lots of fun! We also had a sense of the set today with the staging being marked and table and chairs out into the space to work with! In the afternoon we worked movement 5 with Graham and put the section on its feet.

Thursday: We warmed up with Marcello's movement session, but like yesterday included one of the bigger movement sections to begin staging. Today it was Magwitch on the sea and as I am not directly involved, it was great to watch the members of the cast that are working in the masks and on movement. It was also a chance to work some of the scenes through with Paula (Miss Havisham) and for us to concentrate on our lines together and run them for ourselves.

Friday: The morning session again got filled up with the sea section, so again I enjoyed watching the progress of the people involved with that, and Simon the composer was also in creating the underscore for that section which was so exciting to have that extra layer of detail.

In the afternoon we tried a rough stagger through of Act One as we hadn't gone through it since last week. It was quite exciting to put it on the set and find things together in the scenes.

Saturday: We ran the play - Bruce (Athol MacKinnon) and Morag (Arbuthnott) watched. It clearly showed us all that needs to be done over the next week and the detailed work Graham wants to do on our scenes. After the run we enjoyed tasting the Prosecco [provided by one of the show’s sponsors - Rocco Venezia].