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The resources are particularly relevant for preparing students
for Theatre Studies and Performing Arts courses at key stages 4 and 5,
and for writing schemes of work for Great Expectations as part
of English Literature AS/A Level.

The combination of movement, music and acting in the production
makes it ideal assignment material for all levels
of BTEC Performing Arts courses.

The element of the resource pack examining Beckman Unicorn’s role
as a commercial production company supports mandatory BTEC units
exploring the Performing Arts Industry.

The pack also offers practical ideas for using Drama
as a tool to raise standards in English at key stage 3.

Also included are drama exercises that explore the original novel
and are designed to develop reading, writing, speaking
and listening skills.

In conjunction with the West End production, The Dickens Legacy developed an education guide to help teachers use this magnificent production to enthuse students of all ages.

Graham McLaren's lavish, spectacular and unashamedly theatrical show for all ages brings some of the most memorable characters ever created to life. The beautiful, chilling Estella, the terrifying convict Magwitch, the manipulative lawyer Jaggers, the tragic, mysterious Miss Havisham and Pip with his 'great expectations'.

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'I watched The Great Expectations and think it is a very fantastic show. I have seen a lot of West End Musicals with my Mum but think this is the best compared to the ones I have seen. Having a Narrator makes it easier to follow the story. The roles were played with great passion as if real especially Young Pip. What amazing costumes, and my favourite was the red one for Estella. As a young student who loves literacy, I was very inspired and think as many students as can should watch this great production which is very educational. I would watch it again if I have a chance to. I rate it 8 out of 10. I have told all my friends and Teacher at St Saviour's School about the Show. Thank you for producing such a great play!!!'
Yr 5 - Rachel, 9+

'The performance was really excellent, particularly in the way it was adapted and translated for an unfamiliar/younger audience. Nothing of the story was lost through the condensing of it… we all found the performance very engaging, stylised and visually stimulating'
Yr 8 - Waldegrave School for Girls

'I thought that it was really good and atmospheric. The characters were really emotional so that made it more exciting. My favourite character was Estella because at the beginning she was sweet and playful and at the end she was emotional and serious. The most scary character I think was Miss Havisham. I would recommend it to people who like tragic story lines.'
India, 10

'Thanks to my awesome nan, I got to see the best actresses in showbiz. I really liked it and the other day I was really excited to see it - I've already heard about it. I wasn't sure if I would like it but I really enjoyed it. I would even go and see it again. Thanks for a great evening. I would give the show 10 out of 10.'
Luke, 11

I would give Great Expectations five stars because it was very well acted, the best part for me was the fire. I hope to see something like it again very soon and I will hopefully see it again. The mirror was very clever and the dresses were beautiful!!!
Saskia, nearly 8

I thoroughly enjoyed the performance of Great Expectations. I am studying drama at GCSE, so watching these amazing actors and actresses really blew me away. Especially Miss Havisham, whose performance actually sent shivers down my spine. The costumes were really spectacular, particularly Miss Havisham and Estella’s dresses; Estella’s red dress really was incredibly beautiful! A stunningly refreshing version of Great Expectations and the use of only one set for everything was both extremely effective and original. An amazing performance and one of the best I’ve ever seen.
Sarah, 15

I think it was one of the best theatre productions I’ve ever seen. The way that they used the same props the whole way through made it more effective than having changing scenery. The main characters were played very well and the burning effect of Miss Havisham was very clever. Joe Gargery was my favourite character, and was just as I had imagined him to be when I read the book. Overall it was an amazing play and I would pay a great deal to watch it again.
John, 13