Great Expectations The Play


4 Stars

‘Pure Theatre’
‘Graham McLaren’s inventive, physical, impressionistic direction’
‘…its two sharp one hour acts honor both playful demands of living theatre and the themes of the book.’
‘brooding Miss Havisham (a particularly fine, icy Paula Wilcox) and the convict Magwitch (Chris Ellison a terrifying, moving, ruined giant)’
'The child, like any child, is a puzzled onlooker amid gigantic caricatures: absurd Wopsle, violent Mrs Joe, sharp Estella'
‘the culmination [is] thrilling’

4 Stars

'a resounding success… manages to communicate in 2 hours and 20 minutes, [the book's] humanity…
more importantly, it works as a stand-alone piece of drama'
'The whole cast assemble in the overture and what an impressive sight they make'
'An eerie and fantastical atmosphere'
'Beautifully realised recreation of Miss Havisham's rotting wedding banquet'
'McLaren deserves credit for giving his audience a suprising amount of larks'
'Taylor Jay-Davies is an actor of extraordinary power… a star has undoubtedly been born'

4 Stars

'Robin People's set is impressively detailed and evocative'
'Taylor Jay-Davies is highly convincing as both Pip as a boy, and also when he is later in London as a younger adult.'
'Meticulously-directed and worthy adaptation' 
'Totally absorbing... Poignant... Compelling’

4 Stars

‘The set is magnificent: splendid and rotten’
‘Clifford’s script nails the balance between poetic eloquence and wry satire.’
‘evocative arrangements of characters and innovative use of the chorus’
‘every scene composed with a painterly attention to detail’
‘Taylor Jay-Davies graduates flawlessly… with precision as well as heart.’

5 Stars

‘A spectacular cast and an awe inspiring creative team’
‘heart warming, moving and emotional piece’
‘edge of your seat’
‘Taylor Jay- Davis and Josh Elwell stole the show by putting on fantastic performances respectively.’

4 Stars

‘The stage is extraordinary lavish’
‘Graham McLaren’s direction is gripping’
‘cunningly conceived’
‘Wonderfully thought out and sumptuously staged adaptation’
‘wickedly gorgeous set’

'An exceptional and breathtaking production that breathes originality and life into one of Dickens most loved books…
This production will blow your mind and the cast are all too worthy of their place in the West End.'

'Utterly compelling… plenty of excitement, mystery and romance to enthral'
'Something for everyone in this play… a cracking pace with surprises at every turn'

'Dickens, as ever, spins a good moral yarn of conscience and coincidence…
Jo Clifford's adaptation is sure-footed and has some chillingly effective moments'

'The production has the power to draw you in to Dickens's always gripping plot'
'Heightened, hallucinatory Dickens… a surreal macabre dream… there's no denying the inventiveness'

'A striking piece of theatre… potently evocative… a dreamlike quality'

‘Spectral presence of Paula Wilcox’s eerily chilling jilted bride never lets up’
‘Taylor Jay Davies’ energetic and passionate younger Pip…’
‘Robin People’s breathtaking set [is] so resonant… one feels transported back to the Victorian era.’

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